Chegg CareerMatch UX/UI

When textbook rental giant and student advocate, Chegg, decided to venture into the job placement market, they collaborated with us to design the user experience and interface for a website which would connect employers with students that were uniquely qualified for positions. We designed both the employer experience and student experience on desktop and mobile.

They are amazing partners – from product ideation, to brand marketing, to visual design, to user experience research, to interactive design. Highly focused and committed to our success, Nyquist design has been the most important partner I’ve worked with in product development.

Vikram Subramaniam

VP, Product Management, Student Outcomes, Chegg

The Opportunity

In recognizing its role as a trusted brand for students and recent graduates, Chegg identified a unique opportunity to extend its support beyond academics. Armed with specific knowledge about students’ studies and proficiencies, Chegg envisioned a significant role in helping customers navigate their post-graduation career paths successfully.

The Process

The ambitious goal led Chegg to conceptualize a revolutionary career matching website, a platform that would serve as a bridge connecting students with job and internship opportunities precisely aligned with their skills and aspirations. Seeking to transform this vision into reality, Chegg engaged our expertise. The collaborative process began with comprehensive market research, student interviews, and insights from subject matter experts within the company.

Working in close partnership with Product Managers and leadership, we delved into various testing options, drawing inspiration from meticulously crafted user personas and journey maps. The design process was iterative, undergoing multiple rounds of testing and refinement to ensure the alignment of the final product with the intended vision.

Site Architecture

Wireframes for pathway widget

The focus of the initiative spanned two distinctive user groups—students and employers. These user segments presented diverse motivations and workflows, necessitating the creation of two interconnected websites. One catered to students, offering a holistic suite of features such as exploring career paths, setting goals, posting resumes, applying to positions, and gaining insights about potential employers. The other, tailored for employers, facilitated seamless job management, candidate curation, and provided valuable macro and micro-level insights. Additionally, it served as a valuable resource for employers to set competitive salaries and benefits.

The Solution

Chegg’s visionary approach and strategic evolution beyond academic support resulted in a dual-website solution that not only bridged the gap between students and employers but also empowered individuals in their career pursuits. The innovative platforms fostered a symbiotic ecosystem, creating a seamless bridge between students and employers in the professional realm. The transformative impact of these platforms extended beyond

the digital realm, solidifying Chegg’s position as a holistic career partner for its users. The success was measurable, marked by enhanced engagement, increased sign-ups, and a positive impact on the career trajectories of students and the hiring landscape for employers. This case study stands as a testament to the power of strategic thinking and collaborative design in shaping the future of student-professional transitions.