E*TRADE MarketTrader UX/UI

More than just an adept mastery of UX, UI, and visual design, the redesign of the E*TRADE MarketTrader trading platform required an deep knowledge of stock and options trading—not only how it worked at that time, but also how we could design it to be better. In addition to the design of the framework, individual panels, and settings screens, we created detailed documentation for all design aspects, and worked closely with E*TRADE’s dev team to QA the visual implementation of the work product.

Nyquist Design is one of our best vendors — they have exceeded our expectations in user design, graphic design, project management, and client account management.

Ingrid Stabb

Senior Product Manager, E*TRADE Financial

The Problem

The ETRADE engineering team, committed to delivering excellence, encountered a substantial challenge with their stock trading platform for semi-professional investors. While the platform boasted robust functionalities, its usability and overall aesthetic fell short of expectations. This deficiency became increasingly apparent, negatively impacting user experience and potentially hindering user engagement.

The need for a comprehensive design overhaul became a pressing concern, as the existing shortcomings risked eroding user confidence and satisfaction. Recognizing the pivotal role design plays in user interaction, it became clear that addressing this disparity was not merely an enhancement but a fundamental requirement for sustaining ETRADE’s competitive edge in the dynamic financial technology landscape.

The Process

Our comprehensive process commenced with a thorough examination of the ETRADE Pro app and the ETRADE website, supplemented by direct customer interactions, stakeholder interviews, and a meticulous competitive analysis. This exhaustive approach provided crucial insights, shaping the positioning of the mid-level product. Relying on SME interviews, user personas, and journey maps, we tailored the experience to precisely meet the needs and expectations of the target audience. We then refined the designs based on a round of user testing, and worked closely with Engineering to bring the designs to life.

The Solution

While the overall framework and information architecture aligned with user expectations, our primary focus shifted to redesigning individual tools and numerous setting screens. The introduction of light and dark themes added versatility to the platform. Close collaboration with engineering, QA, and the product team ensured the seamless implementation of these enhancements, aligning the product’s aesthetics more closely with user needs.

The Results:

The launch of the redesigned MarketTrader platform marked a transformative success for ETRADE. Redesigned tools, setting screens, and theme options showcased a commitment to user-centric design. This resulted in a significant upswing in new sign-ups and revenue, underscoring the profound impact of strategic

design enhancements on user engagement and financial performance. ETRADE’s redesigned platform not only met but exceeded user expectations, establishing the company as a pioneer in delivering a seamless and visually appealing stock trading experience for its users.