PayPal Business Cockpit UX/UI

In order to move forward with confidence, you need a clear view of where you are and where you’ve been. Long-time client, PayPal, took this idea to a new level when they hired us to design the user experience and interface for their business cockpit. This graphical display of business metrics provides PayPal executives with the insight they need to steer the company to success.

“Without a doubt, working with Nyquist Design is a professional experience. Through the various projects I have worked on with them, their team have always gone above and beyond to produce and deliver outstanding creative work. They put emphasis on punctual delivery, while still being flexible to last minute changes. Plus, they’re fun to work with!”

Laura Ward

Principal, Design & Discovery, PayPal

The Problem

PayPal faced a multifaceted challenge demanding a nuanced solution. The need for an internal tool was critical, stemming from a desire for comprehensive business insights at every echelon of the organization. The executive team, navigating the complexities of strategic initiatives, yearned for real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to bolster decision-making. Simultaneously, managers sought a robust project tracking mechanism, craving visibility into ongoing endeavors. Delving deeper, individual contributors grappled with a lack of clarity regarding task expectations, yearning for a cohesive understanding of their role within the broader organizational context.

This intricate tapestry of challenges underscored the necessity for an internal tool that not only bridged the information gap but seamlessly catered to the diverse needs of leadership, management, and individual contributors. The absence of such a tool created a void in organizational cohesion, hindering effective communication and alignment across all levels. Addressing these multifaceted needs required a meticulous exploration of each stakeholder’s perspective, highlighting the complexity inherent in delivering a solution that would truly transform how PayPal operated internally.

The Process

In collaboration with subject matter experts (SMEs) from various departments, we conducted a thorough analysis to determine the most valuable information and its interrelation across different groups. Researching third-party tools, APIs, and data sources, we aimed to leverage existing resources for enhanced insights. The use of personas, journey maps, wireframes, and prototypes guided us toward the final design that addressed diverse organizational needs.

The Solution

The culmination of this exhaustive process resulted in a powerful internal website that served as a strategic hub for business insights. Tailored for product managers, it facilitated the alignment of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) with initiatives, enabling the planning of quarterly roadmaps, the meticulous tracking of progress, and more. The platform went beyond mere project tracking; it provided a dynamic visualization of productivity, fostering a holistic understanding of ongoing efforts.

The Results:

This comprehensive internal website brought about a paradigm shift in how PayPal operated internally. The leadership team gained heightened top-level visibility, enabling informed decision-making and accurate forecasting. Managers found a robust tool to set clear expectations and monitor project status in real-time.

For individual contributors, the platform provided a contextual lens, allowing them to see their tasks in relation to the broader organizational picture, fostering a sense of purpose and alignment. The transformative impact rippled across all levels, creating a more cohesive, informed, and agile organizational culture within PayPal.