Samsung Sports Experience App Design

Samsung hired us to design the UX for their sports offering on mobile, tablet and television. The project was a multi-screen/multi-device interface that allowed Samsung customers to create sports viewing events amongst friends. User could invite friends to watch the game together (either physically or virtually) and the platform allowed them to chat, place bets, share stats, etc. Our role in this project was conceptualization, UX design, UI Design, Documentation, and Design QA.

“Nyquist Design is my favorite Silicon Valley design agency. Owner Ian Nyquist and his team are always in tune with their clients and pleasant to collaborate with. Nyquist Design consistently delivered strategic design services on time, within budget and without compromise.”

Su Akyuz

UX Design Director UXCA, Samsung

The Opportunity

Samsung, renowned for its diverse product offerings including phones, TVs, tablets, and wearables, identified a strategic opportunity to synergize its ecosystem. The vision was clear – to create a cohesive and shared interaction across all Samsung devices, unlocking new dimensions of connectivity and user engagement. Recognizing the potential to elevate its brand standing and offer a unique value proposition, Samsung set its sights on the realm of sports as the catalyst for this transformative initiative.

The significance of this opportunity extended beyond the confines of traditional product offerings. Samsung foresaw the potential to establish itself as a pioneer in shaping the future of multi-device interactions, setting a new industry standard. The convergence of technology and sports held the promise of not just boosting product sales but fostering brand loyalty and creating a unique selling proposition that differentiated Samsung in a crowded market.

The Process

Informed by customer interviews and market research, a meticulous mapping process unfolded, identifying the types of information relevant to each device. Brainstorming sessions focused on creating features that not only promoted social engagement but also maximized the utility of Samsung’s diverse product range. The team immersed themselves in the Samsung customer experience, replicating home sports viewing scenarios. The subsequent feature list, aligned with specific devices, formed the basis for the design phase, incorporating moodboards, wireframes, motion studies, and prototypes. Continuous testing and refinement followed.

The Solution

The resulting design manifested as a true multi-screen experience, enabling users to place friendly bets, seamlessly transition content between devices, and engage in watch parties. From sharing statistics to chatting between friends, the design aimed to enhance the social and interactive aspects of sports consumption within the Samsung ecosystem.

The Results:

Despite the completion of the design phase, the project faced an unexpected challenge as funding was cut just before the development stage. Adaptability became key as projects were re-prioritized, leading to the incorporation of much of this project’s work into an on-screen info display initiative. While the envisioned multi-screen sports experience didn’t materialize, the iterative design process and insights gleaned contributed to Samsung’s broader initiatives in enhancing user interaction and engagement across its product ecosystem.

The incorporation of these insights underscored the resilience of innovation, steering the company toward a future where on-screen interactions became more intuitive, informative, and closely aligned with user expectations. The legacy of this project lives on, contributing to Samsung’s continuous evolution in delivering enhanced user experiences across its diverse product offerings.