Vonage Developer Website Design

Vonage, once a world-renowned telephony company, lives on today as a top player in the communications API space. In an ongoing cycle of user interviews, and design refinement, we worked with them to redesign their developer website, which was a big success, both internally and externally.

The Problem

In the dynamic landscape of the communications API sector, Vonage encountered a mounting challenge as competitors such as Twilio, Pilvo, and Commio aggressively encroached on their market share. The urgency to maintain a competitive edge became paramount. Vonage had initiated a pivotal developer portal redesign to fortify their position and engage more effectively with their user base. However, this strategic endeavor faced a critical setback as key design leadership departed mid-initiative, leaving a void in the crucial alignment between company leadership and the internal design team.

Recognizing the pivotal need to navigate this intricate terrain, Vonage sought external expertise to serve as a Senior Design Manager. The mission was clear: bridge the gap, guide the internal design team, and ensure the seamless execution of the developer platform redesign. This challenge became a defining moment, requiring a strategic alliance between company leadership, the design team, and us and the external experts to chart a course that would not only counter competitive threats but also elevate Vonage’s standing in the communications API arena.

The Process

Embracing the role of Senior Design Manager, we embarked on a collaborative journey with Vonage’s internal design team. The process commenced with comprehensive research, delving into user interviews and subject matter expert discussions. These insights laid the foundation for the creation of User Personas and Journey maps, providing a holistic understanding of the user experience landscape.

Confident in our general approach and direction, we advanced to the design and prototyping phase. Solutions were meticulously crafted, bearing in mind the insights gleaned from research. To validate and enhance the design, four rounds of testing with customers and potential users were conducted. Each testing cycle brought forth valuable feedback, steering the design towards a more refined and user-centric iteration.

Journey Map

User Testing Map/Miro board

User Testing Analysis

The Solution

The culmination of this exhaustive process resulted in a powerful developer site, intricately designed and extensively tested to meet the evolving needs of Vonage’s user base. Desktop layout took precedence in the design, aligning with research indicating prevalent desktop usage among developers. The iterative design process, incorporating personas, journey maps, wireframes, and prototypes, was instrumental in shaping the final product.

The Results:

Vonage witnessed a transformative impact, marked by a 23% surge in sign-ups and an 18% increase in first-time account funding. The strategic redesign not only fortified their position in the communications API space but also solidified relationships with developers, positioning Vonage for sustained success in a fiercely competitive landscape.

The case study exemplifies the power of strategic design management in overcoming complex challenges, ensuring the seamless execution of critical initiatives, and driving tangible results in a competitive business landscape.

23% Surge in sign-ups and an 18% increase in first-time account funding