Chegg CareerMatch UX/UI

When textbook rental giant and student advocate, Chegg, decided to venture into the job placement market, they collaborated with us to design the user experience and interface for a website which would connect employers with students that were uniquely qualified for positions. We designed both the employer experience and student experience on desktop and mobile.

One of the things I like most about Nyquist Design is their ability to iterate quickly. Unlike some designers, they don’t get too attached to one approach, but rather are able to step back, explore alternate options when needed, and integrate feedback quickly.

Elena Kohl

Director of Product Management, Chegg

They are amazing partners – from product ideation, to brand marketing, to visual design, to user experience research, to interactive design. Highly focused and committed to our success, Nyquist design has been the most important partner I’ve worked with in product development.

Vikram Subramaniam

VP, Product Management, Student Outcomes, Chegg