2007 Netflix Help Center Redesign

How we helped a burgeoning DVD rental company through a rough patch

Netflix faced a critical challenge – a disparity between the overwhelming demand on its customer support phone lines and the underutilization of its online help center. Recognizing the urgency of aligning these channels with evolving user expectations, Netflix embarked on a strategic journey to enhance operational efficiency and elevate the overall user experience. That’s where we came in.

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Vikram Subramaniam

Customer Experience & Product Management, Netflix

The Problem

Netflix grappled with a dual challenge impacting its operational efficiency and user satisfaction. On one front, customer support phone lines were overwhelmed, escalating operational costs and leading to prolonged wait times for users. Simultaneously, the online help center designed for user self-service remained significantly underutilized, indicating a misalignment between user needs and the digital support infrastructure.

Evolving user expectations for instant solutions in the digital age further exacerbated the issue. This imbalance risked creating a perception of inadequate support, threatening customer satisfaction and loyalty. Recognizing the urgency, Netflix sought a strategic solution to harmonize customer support channels and enhance the user experience.

The Process

To address this issue, a comprehensive approach was taken. Thorough research was conducted on other leading help centers, supplemented by a deep dive into heaps of qualitative and quantitative call center data. This analysis identified the shortcomings of the current website. The findings were then processed through personas and journey mapping, guiding the design of a help center that genuinely met customer needs.

The Solution

The research uncovered a key insight – the majority of customer issues prompting phone calls could be resolved by enhancing the design of the online help center. Collaborating closely with Netflix, we undertook the task of redesigning the online help center to effectively reduce the volume of calls to the customer support phone lines.

The Results:

The implementation of the redesigned online help center yielded remarkable and tangible results. There was a notable 15% reduction in call center volume, translating to a substantial annual cost savings of $15.6 million for Netflix. This success not only alleviated the strain on customer support operations but also significantly improved the overall customer experience.

By empowering users to find answers independently, Netflix not only reduced operational costs but also fostered a sense of empowerment and satisfaction among its customer base. This case study underscores the importance of a holistic and user-centered design approach in addressing operational challenges and delivering substantial business benefits.

15% reduction in call center volume, translating to a substantial annual cost savings of $15.6 million for Netflix